Car Wash Tyme Unlimited Membership Terms and Conditions

Membership Eligibility

1.1 Applicants must be at least 18 years old and capable of
entering into a binding agreement to be eligible for Membership.

1.2 Car Wash Tyme reserves the right to refuse membership or
cancel it at any time for any reason, at its sole discretion.

1.3 Membership is available to businesses, partnerships, and
other entities.

1.4 To apply, applicants must complete the form online at, or in-person at any Car Wash Tyme location, providing all
required information, including a valid credit or debit card for membership fee
payments. You authorize Car Wash Tyme to verify the status of your payment
method with the issuer.

1.5 Members must provide accurate information when applying
or utilizing Membership benefits. Failure to do so may lead to cancellation of
the Membership and benefits at Car Wash Tyme’s discretion. It is the Member's
responsibility to update their information, via email at,
or at any Car Wash Tyme location.

1.6 Members will receive a barcoded membership sticker to
affix to their vehicle, necessary for accessing Membership benefits. Failure to
affix this tag may result in denial of Membership.

1.7 Members can cancel their Membership by emailing Cancellations must be made at least three
business days before the billing date to avoid charges. No refunds or credits
will be provided.

1.8 Membership is non-transferable and exclusive to the
registered vehicle. Members can update their vehicle information twice per year
and must report any unauthorized use of Membership benefits immediately.

1.9 Benefits are specific to the registered vehicle and
cannot be transferred or assigned to others.

1.10 Benefits cannot be used in conjunction with other


Payment and Membership Term

2.1 Membership fees vary by level and are detailed on the website.

2.2 Car Wash Tyme reserves the right to modify fees,
benefits, and terms at any time. These may vary by location.

2.3 Memberships automatically renew. By joining, you
authorize recurring charges without further consent until cancellation is requested.

2.4 Failed payments will result in attempts to charge for up
to 10 days, after which Membership will be terminated if payment is not

2.5 To prevent cancellations due to expired payment
information, Car Wash Tyme may update your payment method automatically with
the latest card information provided by credit card companies.

2.6 Car Wash Tyme may cancel or suspend Membership at any
time for any reason.

Property Rights

Membership materials, such as cards and barcoded membership sticker,
are the property of Car Wash Tyme and are provided on a revocable basis.



Car Wash Tyme is committed to protecting Member privacy. The
Privacy Policy can be found on the Car Wash Tyme website.



5.1 Car Wash Tyme is not liable for any damages arising from
the use of its services.

5.2 No liability for losses due to service use limitations
or transaction failures.

5.3 Car Wash Tyme is not responsible for any indirect
damages resulting from reliance on its services.

5.4 Car Wash Tyme is not liable for delays or failures
beyond its control.

5.5 No liability for notification failures.

5.6 Liability is limited to the previous month's fees,
excluding incidental or consequential damages.


General Terms

6.1 Terms may be updated by Car Wash Tyme without prior
notice, effective upon web posting.

6.2 Car Wash Tyme may change benefits and locations without

6.3 No partnership or employment relationship is established
by these Terms.

6.4 Governing law and jurisdiction are specified.

6.5 Disputes are subject to specific legal venues.

6.6 Dispute resolution procedures are outlined.

6.7 Waiver of jury trial rights.

6.8 These Terms constitute the full agreement between the
Member and Car Wash Tyme.

6.9 All rights not expressly granted are reserved.

6.10 Car Wash may close for Weather at any notice.